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We specialize in supplying US Pacific white prawns (Litopenaeus vannamei), 100% from Texas, near the Gulf of Mexico, with our brand, "Texas Royal".

Because of the sweet taste and flavour, people are in love with our prawns. And, they are sulfite free and preservative free.

Not only are our prawns approved by HACCP, USDA and CFIA, but also they are raised in-land under USDA, FDA, EPA and Texas Park & Wildlife supervised sustainable management. So no impact is done to the nearby wildlife habitats. Even after harvests, the farmlands become wetlands as homes for wild birds and little animals. If you are looking for ocean-friendly products, go for our prawns!

Also, we deal DIRECTLY with shrimp farmers so we can lower down the costs to the prawns, reduce shipping time for more freshness, and provide various sizes to meet your demands.

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